Whether you are looking to move a few boxes or your whole apartment, we understand what makes a move successful and will ensure that you are looked after from the moment you contact us.

  1. Over 15 years specialist experience in this industry
  2. Competitive package quotes which are individually tailored to meet your need
  3. Rainbow Movers offers both Storage-In-Transit (SIT) and Permanent Storage
    Storage In Transit
    If your new home isn’t quite ready when you move, you’ll need Storage In Transit. SIT shipments will be carefully handled and placed into storage where they’ll be available for reloading and delivery to your new home with just a couple of day’s notice.
    Rates for Storage In Transit:
    While every situation will be different in terms of weight and time, charges for storage are separated into three categories:
    Drayage – The pickup and delivery of stored goods
    Warehouse handling which includes offloading, padding and protecting your goods for storage as well as the positioning of your goods into our storage vaults. This charge includes the reverse process when your goods are ready to load and deliver.
    Storage – The number of days or months needed for actual storage.

    Contact us now and let us plan a stress free quality move for you and your family!

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  5. Rainbow Packers and Movers are providing you best relocation, packing and moving services for home shifting and residential relocation. We are associated with top rated packers and movers in Hong Kong who are known for their best ethics and outstanding relocation services for household shifting and residential relocation. They help clients in the entire operation of movement from packing of the first item at current residence to unpacking of the last item at new residence.